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Every afternoon, Magic Kingdom guests are treated to the fantastical Festival of Fantasy Parade. (The “Times Guide” lists the parade’s start time, so don’t forget to check it when visiting the park.) The 12-minute parade marches from the edge of Splash Mountain, through Liberty Square, down Main Street U.S.A., and exits near the barber shop.

The parade is classic Disney entertainment — characters galore, detailed floats, and troupes of talented castmembers in eye-popping costumes.

Seeing the parade live is so much better than seeing our photos. So today, to make it more fun, we made up a little parade quiz. Below are 10 photos. See if you can link each photo to a Disney character or movie. We’ll turn on the comment section to this post, so you can leave your answers below.

#1 This is an easy one. Recognize this do?
#2 Something from Walt’s era.
#3 Something a little more recent.
#4 The oddball sidekick hiding in the roses is your clue here.
#5 Whose famous shoes are these?
#6 This isn’t the only place in the park you can find these singing fish.
#7 The little green guy is going to give this one away.
#8 Whose friends are these?
#9 Distinct as its owner.
#10 One of a trio.


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  1. 1. Cinderella. 2. Fantasia. 3. Brave. 4. Princess and the Frog. 5. Pinocchio. 6. The Little Mermaid (also at Art of Animation). 7. Tangled. 8. Peter Pan. 9. Anna. 10. Sleeping Beauty. We haven’t seen this parade yet, I always have wanted to see it – now so much more!

    1. You know your stuff! Photos don’t do the parade justice. There are so many details. Thanks so much for visiting us this week.

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