Mouse Manners

20 Ways To Be Nicer At Disney

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’ve made a list of 20 ways I will be kinder to my fellow Disney visitors in 2020.

#1 I will always remember that, “we all paid a lot to be here.”

#2 I will give line jumpers the benefit of the doubt. I will tell myself, “they DID have a bathroom emergency” or “they legitimately need to catch up to their kids.” 

#3 I will be an ambassador. I will go out of my way to help anyone who looks lost or wonders what a FastPass is.

#4 I will take pity on the parent who is wrestling with grumpy toddler or surly teen. Not only have I been that parent, I’ve been that toddler AND that teen. 

#5 I will remember that all kids deserve to stand up front, even if their grownup brought them after the parade/fireworks/show started.

#6 I will not stand my ground when I see a stroller or scooter coming toward me or zooming up behind me.

#7 I will be kind to cast members. I will smile, ask them a mindful question, put down my phone, remove my sunglasses before I talk, and ask if it’s okay to take their photo.

#8 I will make sure that the housekeeping staff knows how much I appreciate them with both kind words and a daily tip.

#9 I will talk to the people I meet throughout my day. The best tips and treats I’ve discovered is by asking others what their favorite things are.

#10 If I need to use my phone, I will not stop in the middle of a crowded area to do it. I will move to an uncongested location.

#11 I will not use a camera flash on a dark ride. (And, I promise not to disparage someone else who does. Many a time I have thought my flash was off only to find that I was wrong too late.)

#12 On the Haunted Mansion attraction, I will not push to get into the Doombuggy queue.

#13 When I visit a Disney bathroom, I will always flush the toilet and wipe the vanity.

#14 I will not judge those who think the request to move to the end of the row applies to everyone but them.

#15 I will do my best to ensure that I am not the reason a family has been separated in line.

#16 I will always carry a Band-aid, so that when I see a child fall and scrape his or her knee, I can share it with them.

#17 If I am sitting and a person who looks very tired is standing, I will either offer my seat or place my child on my lap to open up a seat. I will also never place my double stroller on top of two seats while others on the bus are standing.

#18 I will not huff and puff when a bus driver takes the time to load a scooter. Someday, that scooter will be mine.

#19 I will say I’m sorry when I bump into someone.

#20 I won’t be a Disney know-it-all and I will listen more than talk.

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