Mouse Manners

Whom To Tip & How Much

You’re on a Disney vacation and will be receiving some of the best customer service in the world. This is your chance to sprinkle some pixie dust of your own.

Here’s a quick guideline on tipping at Walt Disney World.

Magical Express Drivers: $3-$5 if they are not handling any of your bags or $5-$10 if they are.

Bell Services: $2 per bag brought to your room. $2-$5 for deliveries brought to your room. (Yes, this is on top of the hotel charge for the service.)

Housekeeping: $3-$5 per day in a regular room or $5-$10 per day for a suite or villa. Leave a tip daily because you will not have the same “mousekeeper” each day of your stay. Also, if you call housekeeping to request something special, tip $2-$5 when it is delivered.

Spa Services: 20% (if a gratuity is not automatically added)

Bartenders: $1 per beer or $2 per mixed drink

Taxi Drivers and Ride Share Drivers: 15%-20%

Guides: 10%-20% 

Wait Staff: If a gratuity is not automatically added, tip at least 20% at sit down restaurants, 10%-15% at buffets, and 15%-20% for room service. Your tip is based on your pre-tax bill before any discounts on gift card redemptions. 

It is never appropriate not to tip at all. Servers are paid a lower wage with the expectation that tips will compensate. Poor service should result in a reduced tip, but no lower than 8%. 

On the positive side, great restaurant service should be rewarded generously. So should the following situations:

  • Your child has left behind an exceptionally large mess.
  • Your server took care of a special request. Maybe they asked the chef to adapt a meal especially for you or played a role in your marriage proposal.
  • Your party occupied a table for an exceptionally long time during prime mealtime hours.
  • You split a meal. Remember, you paid for one meal, but your server still had two people to wait upon. 

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