Disney Halloweens Past

We’re always missing Disney, but Halloween time is especially hard this year! Join us for a photo-tour of Halloweens past.

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without the Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreaths in the Magic Kingdom (even if they do start appearing in August)!
You can’t visit in October without saying hello to the 999 ghosts inside of the Haunted Mansion. Can you?
Even those who pooh-pooh parades like BOO TO YOU!
Sostume most princesses like to wear year-round. What could be more practical?
Always dapper, Mickey and Minnie know how to dress for Main Street U.S.A.
The scariest witch in the universe can be found on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster.
Marching bands and fall really go together!
The arrival of the Headless Horseman is one of the most unique Disney experiences. The first sound is the hush of the crowd. Next, comes the clop of horseshoes. Last, hear a rush of wind as the spirit canters by.
In the old days (that would be the 1970s and 80s) House of Magic actually carried vaudeville-type merchandise.
Do you know who is the most famous resident inside of the pet cemetery?
Pass through the tunnel into the Magic Kingdom and see the happy Town Square scarecrows.
Someone is always watching at Memento Mori, which in Latin translates to “remember, you must die.”
We have no idea how they make these look so creepy, but they taste oh so good.
The king and queen of Halloween – Jack and Sally.
The pumpkin quartet stationed over the Barber Shop!
Don’t take your eyes off of Leota for one second or you’ll miss the surprise.
Something handy for collecting all the Halloween candy. However, if you attend one of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties, you’ll need 10 of these gourds to bring home the haul.
Mickey’s best friend – Pluto!
Every inch of the Haunted Mansion hides something.
If you see this sign, don’t be alarmed. Just order the chicken and waffles and a churro sandwich.
An ode to Claude Coats, co-creator of the Haunted Mansion.
Main Street U.S.A., Halloween 2017
Hope that real soon means Halloween 2021!

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