Disney Always Carries a Touch of Christmas

Easter was just around the corner and Walt Disney World was packed with spring breakers, but you know what merchandise caught my eye last week? The Christmas Stuff.

It all started at Hollywood Studios inside Keystone Clothiers. As I was taking in all the Star Wars souvenirs, I found a corner stocked with Chewbacca and Darth Vader gingerbread-scented plushies, Grogu stockings, ornament sets, and a musical Christmas tree. This wasn’t discounted leftovers from December, it was new holiday décor.

May the Force Be With You if your intention is NOT to pick up a cookie-scented Chewbacca.

That Christmas find inspired me to take a trek over to Disney’s Days of Christmas, a year-round Christmas shop at Disney Springs. There, I went gaga for the nutcrackers of Mickey and Minnie in ski gear, a line of wooden shelf decorations, and a Tinker Bell snow globe.

A Mickey nutcracker with a pun — Pure Disney!
One of the wooden designs offered at Disney’s Days of Christmas.
This simple Tinker Bell globe was packed with snow.

Of course, a visit to Disney’s Days of Christmas isn’t complete without an ornament re-stock. The shop was jammed packed with Mickey-ear glass bulbs and ornaments featuring every Disney character imaginable. For a few dollars, you can have your ornaments personalized and/or shipped home.

There were so many Mickey Ear ornaments this year. This one stood out, but the one I ended up taking home is below.
My collection of ornaments to commemorate this year’s Easter trip!

Disney has two other year-round Christmas shops. Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom and the Die Weihnachts Ecke (The Christmas Corner) in EPCOT’s Germany pavilion. While the MK location carries items similar to Disney’s Days of Christmas, the Germany Pavilion’s offerings are much different. (Between you and me, the Germany store is now my favorite of all the holiday stores, and yes, the beer steins have everything to do with it.)

What’s at the top of my Christmas wish list this year? This gorgeous German beer stein.
Die Weihnachts Ecke carries whimsical stuff (like a pickle with Mickey ears) and high-end decorations (like hand-blown German glass by Inge-Glas).

Something else I found in most of the parks were mugs for Life Day (a Wookiee celebration similar to Thanksgiving and Christmas) and Mickey wreaths (which technically weren’t Christmas offerings, but I’m going to swap out the bow and make one so). Both are the kind of Christmas decor only the biggest Disney and Star Wars nerd (and I’m referring to myself here) could love.

Life Day is celebrated on November 17.
This wreath, found in the home section at Creations Shop in EPCOT, can be embellished for any holiday.

When I need a little Christmas nobody does it better than Disney. I’m glad it leaves little touches of the holiday around even in April.

Need a Christmas fix that skews more toward Christmas than Disney? If you are traveling near the great lakes state, stop by Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you love podcasts, give the Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast a try. It comes out on the 25th of each month.

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