Mouse Manners

Be Kind And Cancel

Dear Mouse Manners,
For our upcoming Disney trip, our family has made a park reservation for every day of our stay. (Editor’s Note: Currently, Walt Disney World guests must make a reservation in addition to purchasing a ticket to enter one of Disney’s theme parks.) However, as our trip approaches, we’ve decided that on a few days we just want to relax at the resort and not go into a park. My friend says that I should cancel all the park reservations our group is not going to use. But there’s no penalty if we don’t show up, so why does it matter?
What’s the Point?

Dear Point,

The point – my Disney friend – is that when YOU cancel a reservation ANOTHER GUEST can pick it up.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who would like to go to the Magic Kingdom next Saturday but can’t because there are not any reservations available. Now, imagine what it would feel like for that same person to check the reservation app one last time and find a spot suddenly available. It probably feels incredible. 

Canceling reservations that you don’t need creates magic for other people. Call it Kindness Canceling.

The same Kindness Canceling rules apply for Disney’s Advanced Dining Reservations (which DO have financial penalties if you don’t cancel them, so it’s really important NOT to hang on to any dining reservations that you don’t need) and FastPass+ reservations – when and if the FastPass+ system returns to the parks.

Cast Members aren’t the only people who can make magic happen. As a guest, you have some pixie dust powers too. Use them!

Mouse Manners

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