Don’t be fooled! Animal Kingdom is SO MUCH MORE THAN A ZOO. AK visitors trek across Africa, escape a Yeti, ride on the back of banshees, and travel to the time of dinosaurs.

Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998, and is the fourth and largest of all the Disney theme parks. Its more than 500 acres are home to about 2,000 animals, 4 million plants, and over 20 Disney attractions.

Animal Kingdom entertains while it teaches. Its scientists study and protect endangered species and work with experts all over the world to prevent the extinction of some of our planet’s most vulnerable creatures. As a guest, your visit to Animal Kingdom serves a purpose and helps support conservation efforts in Florida and around the globe!

With that said, let’s POP IN on Animal Kingdom right now!


A day at the Animal Kingdom theme park begins quite subtly. Once you’ve scanned your ticket at the entrance gate, you’ll walk down one of two paths through the jungle to the entertainment. Each trail leads to the same bridge, which, once crossed, begins the adventure! 

The Disney100 anniversary celebration symbol is a temporary addition to the Animal Kingdom’s front entrance.


Entering Animal Kingdom starts with a walk through The Oasis to see what else? Plants & Animals!

The Oasis Attraction

The Oasis Exhibit

The Oasis Exhibit houses a small array of exotic animals in their natural habitats. One path through the tropical garden passes the babirusas, happy hogs native to the forests of Indonesia. The path to the left allows you to see a southern giant anteater native to South America or a variety of spoonbills, some native to the Americas and others native to Africa and Madagascar.

Where to Eat in The Oasis

  • Rainforest Cafe serves American-style eats with a tropical twist. The restaurant offers sit-down service in a dining room that comes to life with cascading waterfalls, tropical showers, and an erupting volcano. Many Disney fans make early breakfast reservations at this location before the park opens. Since the gates to Animal Kingdom are right outside the Cafe’s entrance, diners are often the first guests to enter the park in the morning. Rainforest Cafe even has its own personal, super-special side entrance!
  • Joffrey’s Coffee has a stand for hot and cold brews and delicious donuts. It is located on the right before the main ticket and gate entrance areas.

Where to Shop in Oasis

  • Garden Gate Gifts offers stroller and scooter rentals, camera and media supplies, and other random souvenirs you might need to start the day.
Once you pass through The Oasis, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world of adventure.


Discovery Island functions as the heart of the park. Here, the Tree of Life sits centerstage above the walkways that lead to each unique land – Africa, Asia, Dinoland U.S.A., and Pandora – The World of Avatar.

The Tree of Life contains the likenesses of 337 animals and is topped with more than 103,000 plastic leaves measuring one foot long.

(FUN FACT: Discovery Island is the second island of its name at Walt Disney World. The first Discovery Island sits abandoned in Bay Lake, where it served as a nature preserve from 1977 to 1999.)

Discovery Island Attractions

Discovery Island Trails

Discovery Island Trails wind around the base of the Tree of Life, allowing guests to see the detailed carvings. Along the way, animal habitats are also located. 

Get close to the Tree of Life with a self-guided walking tour.

It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

After exploring the Tree of Life’s exterior, discover what’s inside by joining the queue for the It’s Tough To Be A Bug! attraction – a 3D movie short with Audio-Animatronics and special effects. Parents should know that Bug! comes with a warning that it “may be frightening for children.” (Spoiler Alert: Scares include giant spiders, extreme darkness, and special effects that feel like being touched by a bug.)

It’s Tough To Be A Bug! is an opening-day attraction, a part of the park since April 22, 1998.

Wilderness Explorers

Fans of the Pixar film UP will recognize the Wilderness Explorer logo, but anyone who enjoys a good scavenger hunt will like this attraction. Visit a Cast Member at a Wilderness Explorer kiosk to pick up a book and take on the first challenge. Earn badges throughout the day and live the creed, “The Wilderness Must Be Explored.”

Wilderness Explorers is a free interactive game that debuted in June of 2013.

Adventures Outpost

Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, all dressed to explore, in their air-conditioned exploration headquarters.

Adventurers Outpost provides a cool place to meet Mickey and Minnie in outfits unique to the Animal Kingdom theme park.

Where to Eat On Discovery Island

  • Tiffins Restaurant (sit-down, fine dining) – Tiffins earns high praise for its flavors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Starters of note include the glazed pork bell and the charred octopus. Beloved entrees are the buttered chicken and the short ribs, but there is so much more, so don’t let our favorites sway you. Find the menu on the Disney website for the complete list of tempting options. (If you are a fan of Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom, you may like Tiffins.)
  • Nomad Lounge (sit-down, lounge) – Everyone thinks Disney parks are just go-go-go, but not at the Nomad Lounge. Whether you choose an air-conditioned spot inside the lounge or a seat with a view of the Discovery River, Nomad Lounge’s setting offers an authentic vacation vibe. Specialty drinks and interesting appetizers are on the menu (the bread service is delicious). This place is a little more for grownups than kiddos.
  • Flame Tree Barbecue (quick-service, plentiful seating areas) – Flame Tree serves ribs, 1/2 chicken, pulled pork, and all your favorite American BBQ sides and staples. Bring your sense of humor to Flame Tree. (The decor features carvings that may make you do a double take. Like a gator eating a catfish? It’s all done whimsically, so don’t worry. Circle of Life!) Seating at Flame Tree is outdoors and plentiful. Choose a spot near the Discovery River if you desire a break with a nice view. (If you are a fan of Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Hollywood Studios or Regal Eagle Smokehouse at EPCOT, try Flame Tree.)
  • Eight Spoon Cafe (quick-service kiosk) – Famous for its pulled pork jelly donut sandwich and Mac & Cheese, Eight Spoon Cafe offers unique taste combinations. 
  • Isle of Java (quick-service kiosk) – Grab a quick snack (breakfast biscuit or Tiger Tail Chocolate Twist) and a coffee drink at the Isle of Java. Joffrey’s Coffee is served at this location and can be prepared hot or cold.
  • Pizzafari (quick-service restaurant) – The opposite vibe to the Nomad Lounge can be found at Pizzafari, a quick-service location serving pizza, beer, Caesar salads, a chicken parmesan sandwich, and desserts. Pizzafari’s five-themed rooms are covered in murals and mosaics. (If you are a fan of Pizza Rizzo at Hollywood Studios, you’ll do fine at Pizzafari.)
  • Creature Comforts (Starbucks) – Creature Comforts serves all your Starbucks favorites and breakfast favorites, like the Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich. It also serves a Mickey Colossal Cinnamon Roll.
The restful balcony of the Nomad Lounge.

Where to Shop On Discovery Island

  • Island Mercantile & Discovery Trading Company – Island Mercantile and Discovery Trading Company are two large shops located across from each other. They are pretty much the “Emporium” of the Animal Kingdom. If Mobile Checkout is available when you visit, we highly recommend it, especially at the end of the day when the lines to buy merchandise get extra long.
If you can’t find what you need at the Island Mercantile, then just walk across the path to the Discovery Trading Company.

Magical Extras

  • Animal Highlights – Otter, Catfish, Cotton-Top Tamarin, Tortoise, Lemur, Flamingo, & Kangaroo
  • Character Flotillas – Disney uses pontoon boats on the Discovery River to show off characters rather than parade floats. You can spot Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Pocahontas, and more throughout the day.
A Character Flotilla featuring Pocahontas and Meeko.


Pandora, from the Avatar films, comes to life inside this bold new land added to the Animal Kingdom on May 27, 2017. Pandora’s landscape includes floating mountains and night-glowing plant life. The area is straight outta Hollywood and includes one of Walt Disney World’s most innovative attractions and some of its tastiest foods!

Entering Pandora is like walking on another planet. Gravity is defied, plants look different, and the sounds block out any tones you may find familiar on planet Earth.

Pandora Attractions

Avatar Flight of Passage

Animal Kingdom’s most popular attraction—Avatar Flight of Passage —offers an experience like few others at Walt Disney World. The queue is long, but the attraction has a lot to offer in terms of setting and props. Flight of Passage links guests to an avatar, which can ride a mountain banshee. The experience includes a 3D flight over Pandora, as depicted in the 2009 movie.

In your Na’vi avatar form, you will be able to link with a banshee on Flight of Passage. The attraction opened on May 27, 2017, and has a height requirement of 44″.

Na’vi River Journey

Na’vi River Journey cruises down the Kapsavan River in a reed boat to see Pandora’s wildlife and bioluminescent rain forests. The spa-like music is soothing, the temperature is cool, and the visuals are calming. Journey’s highlight is the sophisticated Audio-Animatronic of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs.

To find the entrance of the Na’vi River Journey, look for the reed sculpture of the Shaman of Songs. Journey is a family-friendly attraction with no height requirements.

Where to Eat in Pandora

  • Satu’li Canteen (Quick-Service)—This beloved canteen offers the most unique cuisine in Walt Disney World. The cheeseburger pods are a fan favorite, and the bowls, which you can customize to your liking, are also highly recommended. Satu’li Canteen provides easy, quick-service dining with plenty of indoor and shaded space to sit and enjoy your meal.
  • Pongu Pongu (Quick-Service Window)—In Pandora, you’ll notice lots of guests carrying a pink and green frozen concoction with orange bobo balls on top. That’s the Night Blossom, and it’s served at Pongu Pongu, a quick-service spot popular for drinks and unique snacks.
Some of the team’s favorite Pandora foods – cheeseburger pods (top left), the Night Blossom (top right), blueberry cream cheese mousse (bottom left), and a made-to-order combo bowl (bottom right).

Where to Shop in Pandora

  • Windtraders – When exiting Flight of Passage, you’ll be ushered into Windtraders. Yes, it’s a gift shop, but take a moment to explore. The rookery full of baby banshees is the best part of this place.
Windtraders features a rookery where some “baby banshees” are up for adoption.

Magical Extras

The Landscape

The floating rocks, the waterfalls, and the unique plantings all add to the theme of the land. The sounds you will hear and the environment around you make it feel as if you’ve traveled to another world.

The Valley of Mo’ara includes floating rock formations, waterfalls, and exotic plants.


Make sure you leave time at night to see Pandora at its best. The land lights up with bioluminescent plants in a way that can’t honestly be explained. The sights and sounds in the evening are magical.

Because we wanted you to see how spectacular Pandora looks at night, we purchased this photo showcasing the bioluminescent environment from a pro! (Photo by Brett Svenson, Disney Photo Snapper)


The inspiration for Africa originated from the idea of building an Equatorial Africa pavilion in EPCOT. With way more space than EPCOT could ever offer, Animal Kingdom’s Africa has room for a 110-acre Wildlife Preserve, a theater, and several dining and shopping locations.

Welcome to Harambe, Africa, a fictional port town designed by Disney Imagineers and native craftspeople. The village was inspired by Kenya’s coastal towns. Harambe means “come together” in Swahili.

Africa Attractions

Kilimanjaro Safari

An open-sided truck full of guests leaves for the Harambe Wildlife Reserve on the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction every few minutes. The 110-acre reserve houses around 30 species of animals, and every trip includes an up-close encounter with some of them. You never know precisely what you’ll see because every safari is different. Giraffes may be sauntering just a few feet from the road, a rhino may block your path, or an ostrich may approach to say hello.

The Kilimanjaro Safari opened when the park was established in 1998, but it was updated in 2012.

As a proud Association of Zoos & Aquariums member, Disney’s exceptional animal care allows it to participate in the association’s highly regulated breeding endeavors. Harambe announces births a few times a year, and it is a magical moment when you catch a rare glimpse of mother and baby while on the reserve.

Getting the chance to catch a glimpse of a newborn on the savanna in one of the reasons guests return to Kilimanjaro Safari again and again.

A Celebration Of Festival Of The Lion King

Love a good Broadway musical? Don’t miss the Festival of the Lion King. Started in 1998, the Festival of the Lion King is a spectacular, intimate, and heart-warming experience. Perfect for all ages (and it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the story of the Lion King or not), the show has so much to offer—high-caliber singing, stunts and acrobatics, eye-popping costumes, and many laughs.

Festival of the Lion King is one of the most popular shows at Walt Disney World. It runs about 30 minutes.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail winds through a tropical forest to the home of a family of western lowland gorillas. Other animals and tropical birds, such as hippos, meerkats, and zebras, inhabit the forest as well.

When visiting the forest, you are a guest of Gino, the silverback troop leader. Gino (age 43) is often found on the grassy hill. He is an attentive and playful father of two sons and two daughters.
Here is a 2021 photo of Gino’s daughter Grace getting a piggy-back ride from mother Kashata.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch (Conservation Station, The Animation Experience, Affection Section)

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is an attraction for the patient, and the only way to see it is by train. Rafiki’s Planet Watch has three sections: the Affection Section, where kids and adults can pet and brush some goats and donkeys; the Conservation Station, where guests learn about animal care and sometimes see a veterinarian in action; and The Animation Experience for an art lesson from a real Disney animator.

Unfortunately, you cannot walk to this attraction, so you will be at the mercy of the train schedule when returning from this excursion.
A highlight of Rafiki’s Planet Watch is The Animation Experience, a chance to test your artistic chops with the guidance of a Disney animator.

Where to Eat in Africa

  • Tusker House Restaurant (Sit-Down Buffet) – Tusker House serves African-inspired food buffet style. It’s a character spot, so Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy will each stop by while you eat. Although the cost of the buffet may give you sticker shock (Not-So-Fun-Fact: Character dining experiences are more expensive.), Tusker House cooks some fantastic food. The team’s favorites are the cornbread, black-eyed pea salad, tandoori chicken, and roasted lamb (with all the fixings to make an amazing gyro). The desserts are mini – so you can try one of each. If you don’t have an adventurous eater in your group, beloved standards like braised beef, mac and cheese, chicken legs, mashed potatoes, and salmon are all available.
  • Harambe Market (Quick-Service) – Think of Harambe Market as an exotic food court. It’s an open-air plaza with multiple service stations. Choices are African-inspired. There are ribs, chicken bowls, Mediterranean salads, sausages, and cilantro rice. A drink loved by many is the Frozen Flamingo, a mix of strawberry and passion fruit juices.
  • Dawa Bar (Lounge) – Dawa Bar, a lively spot in the heart of Harambe Village, is the perfect spot to people watch. It is likely that your visit will include some live music performed in the courtyard. Beers from Africa and wine from South Africa are featured here, as is a specialty drink called Lost On Safari (Starr African Rum and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum mixed with Pangani Punch, which we believe is a blend of pineapple, orange, strawberry, and cranberry juices).
  • Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery (Quick-Service Window) – If a simple coffee and a COLOSSAL Cinnamon Roll screams “vacation breakfast” to you, then skip the line bursting out of the Animal Kingdom’s Starbucks location and try Kusafiri. During the day, this location also serves snacks like flatbreads, empanadas, and house-made chips.
  • Tamu Tamu Refreshments (Quick-Service)—Dole-Whip location!!! For some, that may be all the info they need, but we should mention that Tamu Tamu has other sweet treats and refreshments. In the morning, you can also get coffee and pastries similar to Kusafiri’s offerings.
  • Zuri’s Sweets Shop (Quick-Service) – Disney lists Zuri’s as a shopping location, but we think it’s a place to eat! Zuri’s is full of sweet treats, from pre-packaged candy to a bakery case full of fun Disney creations — cupcakes, caramel apples, cake pops, marshmallow pops, cookies, rice-krispie treats, and more.
  • Harambe Fruit Market (Quick Service, Kiosk) – Even in a food mecca, sometimes you just want something simple. That’s what the Fruit Market provides — fresh fruits and healthy snacks. (Okay, okay, there are churros. It can’t be all healthy.)
  • Mahindi (Quick-Service) – Mahindi is a popcorn kiosk that serves beer, water, and soft drinks. Souvenir popcorn buckets might be available here.
A photo of the main dining room at the Tusker House is surrounded with images of (clockwise) the entrance to Zuri Sweets, a spread put out for guests on the Wild Africa Trek, an chocolate treat from the Trek, the entrance to Harambe Market, the board of offerings at Harambe Market, the Harambe Fruit Market, the mini desserts at Tusker House, and Daisy visiting guests at Tusker House.

Where to Shop in Africa

  • Mombasa Marketplace & Ziwani Traders – Looking for something special to remember your Animal Kingdom visit? Mombasa Marketplace may have it! Traditional Disney souvenirs themed to AK are here, but there are also unique items like carved wooden animals, handmade jewelry, African instruments, and bamboo plants.
Animal Kingdom offers many handmade souvenirs, from wood carvings to beaded creations.

Magical Extras

  • Musicians – If the musical entertainment in old Harambe village doesn’t make you want to dance a little, then we don’t know what to say. The beat and smiles of the performers are contagious. Set aside the rush, rush, rush mentality of getting to the next attraction queue and listen to the sounds of the performers. It’s real Disney magic!
  • Drums – Kids of all ages can make their own African beat at the drum station.


Discovering the land of Asia highlights any Animal Kingdom visit. Its majestic mountain stands in the distance, drawing guests in for thrills and adventure. In the forest, Asia offers more peaceful moments of bird watching and visiting the animal sanctuary.

Asia Attractions

Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

The story of Expedition Everest begins when guests step inside the Yeti Museum to wait in line for the train traveling from a base camp on Mount Everest to the mysterious Forbidden Mountain Pass. Disney did extensive research when building this attraction, and the area includes over 2,000 handcrafted items from Asia artisans. Disney’s Mount Everest also holds the record for being the tallest mountain in Florida (at just under 200 feet).

Expedition Everest opened on April 7, 2006. It is a thrilling rollercoaster with backward motion, darkness, and a sharp drop. Riders must be 44″ or taller to ride.

Kali River Rapids

Prepare to get wet if you ride the Kali River Rapids. The ride is tame, but the 12-person raft passes under falling water, and waves often leap onto one’s lap while traveling.

Kali River Rapids opened on March 1, 1999, and guests must be 38″ or taller to ride.

Feathered Friends In Flight!

Feathered Friends In Flight! is a live show running about 30 minutes. It features an array of birds from around the world, including the trumpeter hornbill, great-horned owl, Amazon parrot, African crowned cranes, Marabou stork, and bald eagle. This show exemplifies “Edutainment,” something Walt Disney loved to produce. It earns high marks, even among those with a fear of birds, but do be aware there are demonstrations where birds fly over the audience.

Feathered Friends In Flight! debuted July 7, 2020, and is one of many bird shows Animal Kingdom has produced over the years.

Maharajah Jungle Trek

See the harmless (but frighteningly large) fruit bats, a family of tigers, some playful monkeys, and a sun-worshipping Komodo dragon on the Maharajah Jungle Trek. The trail is a self-guided tour through the fictional Anandapur Royal Forest set in Southeast Asia.

Maharajah Jungle Trek opened on March 1, 1999. The backstory is that the land is a former hunting palace turned into an animal sanctuary.

Where to Eat in Asia

  • Yak & Yeti Restaurant (sit-down restaurant) The former home of a village merchant has been turned into a restaurant serving Asian, Chinese, and Seafood entrees. The menu has seasonal items. A popular item here is the Dragon Roll Bowl (a deconstructed sushi roll).
  • Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe (a quick-service restaurant with outdoor seating) is a quick place to get some teriyaki chicken, sweet-and-sour shrimp, egg rolls, or American food with a little flavor of Asia added.
  • Mr. Kamal’s (snack stand): The menu changes, but the offerings are usually tasty and unique. Currently, the snacks are seasoned fries and chicken dumplings.
  • Drinkwallah (drink stand): The current menu includes a hand-dipped Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar (described as dipped in blue raspberry coating and sprinkles).
  • Warung Outpost (drink stand) The fancy cocktail here is the Maharaja Lime Margarita. For tee-totalers and kids, there’s the Shangri-La Berry Freeze.
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company (coffee and donut stand) Hot and cold brews.
  • Anandapur Ice Cream Truck (ice cream stand) Serves a Yeti Sundae, Waffle Cones, and Floats.
  • Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks (snack stand) This place has your traditional snacks (popcorn, pretzels, Mickey ice cream) and beer.
The water-view seating near Drinkwallah.

Where to Shop in Asia

  • Serka Zong Bazaar – As part of the Expedition Everest experience, this shop sells Yeti merchandise, clothing unique to the attraction, and Himalayan-inspired items.
  • Mandala Gifts – A small hut near Yak & Yeti that sells Disney and Asian-inspired souvenirs.
An example of the Himalayan merchandise inside of Serka Zong Bazaar.

Magical Extras

The View

The Discover River opens in Asia, providing stunning views and beautiful boats. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Near the water, Imagineers designed scenes right out of Asia. Occasionally, boats with characters float by to remind you that you really are in Florida.

This sacred sculpture intentionally mimics the silhouette of Mount Everest.


It’s a treat when the Siamangs use their habitat in Asia. Siamangs are gibbon apes from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. 

The beams allow the Siamangs to swing near the treetops. The primates also make a loud, whooping sound that guests enjoy.


When you learn the backstory of Dinoland U.S.A., this Animal Kingdom area makes much more sense. According to Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia, “This roadside destination had been built around an old fishing camp where dinosaur fossils were discovered in the 1940s.” The area resembles a retro “tourist trap” with its giant green dinosaur, a gift shop that feels like an old gas station, and carnival games.

Dinoland U.S.A. Attractions

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond!

If you love Festival of the Lion King, it’s likely you’ll love this show too. Using puppetry and original music, Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond! retells the story of Nemo from the perspective of the fish from Dr. P. Sherman’s office.

The 25-minute show debuted on June 13, 2022.

The Boneyard

A spectacular playground for kids. The Boneyard has climbing structures, interactive activities, and fossils to dig up.

The Boneyard has been in Dinoland since opening day. It’s a great place for kids to climb and dig.


This dark-ride attraction transports guests to the Cretaceous period in a time machine. It features Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs (some friendly and some NOT), which you’ll encounter on a very bumpy ride through the jungle. The mission is to return to the present before an asteroid wipes out the dinosaurs (and you) forever.

Kiddos must be 40″ to ride, but keep in mind that this ride is S-C-A-R-Y for all ages! Be ready to come face-to-face with an angry T-Rex.

Fossil Fun Games

Dino-Rama resembles a roadside amusement area and has been the home to Fossil Fun Games since 2001. The games are your standard carnival offerings like whac-a-mole, roller ball, and water gun racing.

Buying tickets to play the carnival games is extra.

TriceraTop Spin

This is the Dumbo ride with flying dinosaurs instead of flying elephants. The nice part is that little ones enjoy it, and the line to ride is usually short.

Where to Eat in Dinoland U.S.A.

  • Restaurantosaurus (quick service with ample seating areas) Restaurantosaurus serves American classics like hot dogs, burgers, and chicken. It also mixes some tasty milkshakes like the S’moresosaurus Shake.
  • Dino-Bite Snacks (ice cream shop) The team is partial to the ice cream cookie sandwich, but Dino-Bite also serves an old-fashioned hot-fudge sundae and Haagen-Dazs ice cream.
  • Trilo-Bites (snack shop) This place has the Dole Whip! On the savory side, it offers Buffalo Chicken Chips.
  • Corn-ivores (Popcorn Stand)

Where to Shop in Dinoland U.S.A.

  • Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasurers looks like a retro gas station on the outside and a kitschy roadside souvenir shop on the inside. Remember to look up!
  • The Dino Institute Shop is the gift shop at the exit to DINOSAUR’s ride. It sells souvenir ride photos and dinosaur items.
There’s lots of dino decor inside Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures.

Magical Extras


A replica of the largest and most complex T. rex skeleton ever found is on display in Dinoland. The original bones, found in 1990 by Sue Hendrickson, were cleaned in the Animal Kingdom’s Fossil Preparation Lab.

The real Sue can be found at the Field Museum in Chicago. Animal Kingdom is home to Dino-Sue, a replica made for the park.

Dinoland U.S.A. is scheduled to be reimagined!

At Destination D23 in 2023, it was announced that Walt Disney Imagineering plans to reimagine Dinoland U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park into a new land inspired by a region sometimes referred to as “tropical Americas.” New experiences inspired by Encanto and the fan-favorite adventurer Indiana Jones are being considered for the reimagined land. (Image and copy courtesy of Disney)

And that’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed popping in with us and checking out Animal Kingdom. Keep coming back for updated photos and information!

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