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Primo Eats: Night Blossom

We’ve been seeing beautiful Instagram shots of the Night Blossom ever since Pandora – The World of Avatar opened in the Animal Kingdom in May of 2017. Finally, we got to try one and can say that the drink tastes as good as it looks.

The Night Blossom is a non-alcohol frozen drink served at Pongu Pongu, a drink stand which name means “Party Party” in the Na’vi language.

The drink consists of layers of apple and desert pear limeade and is topped with dozens of passion fruit Boba Balls. All flavors blend well together. The tart of the limeade saves the drink from being too sweet. 

Kids and grownups alike can enjoy this one. The Bobo Balls give the drink a quirky look and the colors of the juices make it appear bioluminescent. The drink comes with an extra wide (paper) straw, big enough to allow the Bobos to pass.

One drink is the perfect amount for two people to share, especially on a hot day. The cost is $5.99.

Try one next time you visit the Animal Kingdom. You won’t be able to resist snapping a photo of this tasty AND picturesque family cocktail.

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