By the end of 2024, EPCOT festival days will total approximately 253. That’s about 2/3rds of the year! Do you plan to see EPCOT in the fall, winter, or spring? Well, then, you are bound to encounter a festival. How awesome is that?

If you’re an old gal like me, pre-festival EPCOT was sometimes lonely. I clearly recall a few early ’90s visits where it felt like more Cast Members were in the park than guests. But now, with the festivals, the park is always buzzing with excitement and energy. It’s a whole new experience, and I love it!

Today, festivals are EPCOT’s bread and butter. They bring the park to life and create a sense of community among the guests. Each festival has mainstay offerings like themed décor or overlays, creative food and drink inventions, limited merchandise, interactive games, and live entertainment. Despite all this, each festival has a unique focus that makes guests want to pilgrimage back annually to relive fun experiences and discover what new things have been added. The festivals have transformed EPCOT into a year-round celebration of culture, art, and food.

Everyone has a different opinion on the best EPCOT festival (December hosts my favorite). But one thing is sure: they are all a source of immense joy and fun. Here are the current offerings in chronological order.

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of Disney art, you’ll have plenty of choices at the Art Festival.

January 12 to February 19, 2024 (this festival is likely to start around January 10 in 2025).

The year starts with the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, the newest of the festivals (starting in 2017). During this time, the park transforms into a living art gallery, with original artwork on display, culinary creations to savor, and Broadway stars singing Disney’s most popular songs. It’s a feast for the senses! 

But that’s not all; the festival also offers unique experiences like meeting an artist or adding a touch of color to a community mural. If you love art, Broadway, and food that looks as good as it tastes, the Art Festival may be for you!

EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

Finding all the topiaries during the Flower & Garden festival can take all day.

February 28 to May 27, 2024 (this festival is likely to start around the same dates next year)

Next is the OG festival, the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. Flower & Garden debuted on April 29, 1994 (last month marked the festival’s 30th birthday), and during the event, EPCOT’s horticulturists tuck an explosion of flowers and specialty gardens into every square inch of the park.

Topiaries are the stars of this festival, and the hunt to visit them all is a challenge. In addition, EPCOT hosts an enchanting butterfly house, outdoor kitchens, and nightly Garden Rock concerts! Even those who find gardening a chore will love the sights and smells of this brilliant EPCOT festival.

EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

Foodies assemble for eating around the world at this extremely popular fall festival.

August 29 to November 23, 2024

Once the flowers peter out, EPCOT takes a break before launching its most popular festival, The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival.

Since 1996, Food & Wine has been introducing EPCOT guests to food and drink from all over the world. The World Showcase expands its culinary options by adding food booths representing even more countries than the 11 permanently located in the World Showcase.

But it’s not just about the cocktails; nightly Eat to the Beat Concerts are a big draw, bringing retro musical lineups such as Boyz II Men, Hanson, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy into the park.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll find lots to satiate you at this festival. 

EPCOT’s International Festival of the Holidays 

The decor at The American Adventure adds a patriotic touch to the holidays.

Dates are to be announced but are expected to start after Thanksgiving and last through December.

EPCOT ends the year with its International Festival of the Holidays, which has been around since 1994 (originally known as Holidays Around the World). The festival allows guests to learn about how other countries celebrate and what foods are important to those gatherings. Guests encounter storytellers, beloved holiday treats, and what feels like an extra dose of pixie dust.

The night’s highlight is The Candlelight Processional (a Disney tradition since Walt’s time), where a special Hollywood guest narrates a retelling of the Christmas story accompanied by the Voices of Liberty choir and a live orchestra. If you love Disney AND Christmas, this festival is for you!

As you can see, scheduling a visit to EPCOT during a festival is relatively easy. The hard part is choosing which one!

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