Attraction Focus: Living With The Land

Attraction: Living With The Land


Location: The Land Pavilion in Future World West

Year Opened: 1993

Sponsor: Chiquita

Living With The Land is located inside The Land Pavilion.

Is “Living With The Land” the “It’s A Small World” of EPCOT? Technically, it IS a boat ride with animatronics and a focus on the world. 

While the children of Small World sing about unity and friendship and share glimpses of different cultures, Living With The Land is an educational tour on climate and how humans use the world’s resources to produce food. Some call it boring and others adore it. 

I’m in the “Love It” camp!

Here’s why…

Its Classic Disney Elements!

The boat ride through Living with the Land starts out as a traditional Disney dark ride with Audio Animatronics, special effects, and even some whimsy. The magic happens when the tour boat passes through a tunnel into a sunny greenhouse, (which I call a “Wizard of Oz Moment” when the world flips from black and white to color).

Herbs and other edibles move about on posts that wind their way around the greenhouse.

It’s EDUtainment!

Disney describes the attraction as a look at the history of farming, but it’s so much more. Living With The Land takes guests through functioning greenhouses and in view of horticulture laboratories and fish farms. You’ll be amazed at how much food can grow in such small spaces. If you really love the attraction, you can learn more by taking a “Behind the Seeds Tour”, which is a one-hour walking tour of The Land Pavilion for $29 per person. (To learn how to register, Click Here.)

The Behind the Seeds tour takes guests on a one-hour walking tour of the pavilion.

The Horticulture Imagineers!

Imagineers have lots of fun with this attraction. You’ll find a few Hidden Mickeys during your journey (maybe a Mickey pumpkin, tomato, or topiary).

A few of Living With The Land’s (not-so) Hidden Mickeys.

The attraction gets decorated for the holidays and the twinkle lights come out at night – a magical touch that only comes once a year. 

Cast Members decorated the greenhouses for the holidays in a variety of whimsical ways.

It’s Real!

The greenhouses and fish farms produce food that is used and served on Disney property. All three restaurants near to the attraction, Sunshine Seasons, Garden Grill, and Coral Reef, regularly use greenhouse produce and fish. But really, any Disney restaurant may list an EPCOT-grown ingredient on its menu, so keep an eye out.

Many menus use ingredients grown and raised at the pavilion.

It Welcomes Everyone! 

There’s no height or age requirement to ride Living With The Land, and according to the website, Rolling With The Magic, “the boats are very easy to get in and out of using a wheelchair.” I love a ride that both a newborn and a great-great grandmother can enjoy!

I hope you liked this quick trip through Living With The Land. It’s an attraction that’s always growing something new! 

Living With The Lands beautiful array of orchids.

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