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Hidden Gem: Cookes of Dublin

What do you call a restaurant with tasty food, a tidy interior, and a short line? At Disney, I call that a Hidden Gem!

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, let’s talk about Disney Spring’s Cookes of Dublin, a family-owned establishment with recipes from the late 1930s and an Irish-inspired menu.

I stumbled into Cookes of Dublin without a plan thanks to Florida’s freakish weather. In this case, it was an infamous Florida rainstorm. (You know the kind where it goes from sun-storm-sun in less than an hour?) As the large raindrops started to descend, what was right next to me but this very small quick-service eatery with open tables and only one family in line. In addition, my kiddo and I were famished. Serendipity, I’d say!

Ordering at Cookes is easy. Take care of your business at the counter, grab a seat, and wait for your food to be delivered to you.

Cookes of Dublin is a counter-service restaurant with table delivery.

Currently, Cookes of Dublin has 13 items on the menu, but 5 are of the “and chips” variety – Fish N’ Chips, Fried Shrimp N’ Chips, Seafood Combo Box, Chicken Tenders & Chips, and Grilled Chicken & Chips.

On this first visit, we went with what seemed to be Cookes of Dublin’s signature dish – the Famous Fish N’ Chips (north Atlantic beer battered cod and chips served with homemade tartar sauce) and then something completely different – the Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie.

The fish and chips were great. The breading was light and the fish thick and flakey. If you like your fish crispy and mild, then stop there (my kiddo did). I needed a little more flavor, which was easy to reconcile with some salt and a generous dollop of the homemade tartar sauce. The chips (thick-cut fries) completed the dish. We dipped ours in malt vinegar, but ketchup is also available and there’s a cheese and bacon dip that’s a tempting upgrade.

As for the pie, I liked it better than the fish and chips. The pie’s inside made up of chicken, mushroom, and a white wine cream sauce, was a perfect consistency and flavor. No additional seasoning was needed. The pastry was toasty brown and flakey.

What else is on the Cookes of Dublin lunch and dinner menu? The restaurant also offers Hog in a Box (roasted pork, potatoes, and stuffing), Bang Bang Chicken Loaded Chips (chicken, pepper, onions, and bang bang sauce over chips), Cookes Chicken Salad (a green salad with chicken, not the mayo kind), a Battered Sausage Hotdog, a Jameson BBQ Burger, a Dubliner Burger, and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Most meals cost $15.99.

If you’ve been to Disney and you like eating at places like Raglan Road (Disney Springs), the Yorkshire Country Fish Shop (EPCOT), or Rose & Crown (EPCOT), Cookes of Dublin should be a good fit for you.

Cookes of Dublin is in the same building as Raglan Road, near the Hole in the Wall Bar. It’s tucked into a very small space, but it’s bright and tidy. The colors inside are creamy white, black, and emerald. Cooke family portraits hang on the walls and Irish music plays in the background. Table seating is offered inside and outside.

Like most Disney restaurants, this spot is likely to be crowded at prime eating hours, but if you’re an early bird or late-lunch-er, we hope you find the same friendly and relaxing atmosphere we did on that stormy afternoon.

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