The Little Things That Make Disney Romantic

For all its castles, power ballads, and magic, often the simplest, most spontaneous acts make the biggest impressions at Walt Disney World.

When it comes to romance, the image of a bride being ushered to the big day in a pumpkin carriage may come to mind, but that’s not for everyone. In honor of tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day holiday, here are eight small things that can feel extra special at Disney when shared with the one you love.

Rollercoaster Fireworks

While everyone else is jamming themselves into The Hub, the most romantic view I’ve ever encountered at Disney was at the top of Big Thunder Mountain. It certainly feels like Disney is setting off the show just for you when you hit the highest point on the ride and the sky lights up with fireworks.

At night during the fireworks, there’s nothing between you and the sky.

The Dumbo attraction also provides a precious place to see fireworks. On occasion, there are no guests in line for the ride at all during the nighttime show and cast members may ask if you like to stay on the ride for the next spin (or two or three).

Long Walks

Who says you need a beach for a romantic walk? Plenty of Disney spots have lovely vistas for romantic strolls. Take the boardwalk area for example. Not only can you stroll the loop around the lagoon, but separate paths allow you to extend your walk all the way to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT, where you can enter right into the park’s World Showcase area.

A Room With A View

Many Disney resorts offer patios or balconies with an array of views. While the most abundant views are of water (lake, lagoon, or canal) there are other mesmerizing vistas like the savanna views at Animal Kingdom Lodge or the wooded areas at Wilderness Lodge. Whether you have a kitchen to whip up a romantic breakfast or only the tools to brew coffee, try stepping outside to enjoy the view in the morning. Listen to the sounds of your resort “waking up” or the Friendship Boats making their first run. At night, you’ll notice all the tired parkgoers making their way home and you’ll be able to hear (and maybe see) a nighttime show in the distance.

The Friendship boats glide peacefully between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Table For Two

World Showcase excels at being the backdrop for romance. Pick your favorite country and enjoy an outdoor table for two. Two of my favorite spots include the outside patio at Tutto Italia Ristorante (Italy) for a cocktail and prosciutto di Parma or the lagoon view at Spice Road Table (Morocco) for tea service and a small plate of hummus fries.

Quiet Pools

Many a time you can get a resort quiet pool all to yourself. Quiet pools are the perfect place to have real conversations, make blue-sky plans, or actually take a swim without finding yourself in the middle of someone’s game of Marco Polo!

We never saw more than two families at the quiet pool at the Treehouse Villas. On many visits, we had it to ourselves.

Live Music

For anyone who needs a place to sit back and relax, choose the Scat Cat’s Club at the French Quarter Resort – live jazz music, well-made cocktails, and beignets. 

Beach It

Disney has a few resorts with non-swimming beach areas that offer lounge chairs, hammocks, swings, and Adirondack chairs. Whether you’re overlooking the lake (like at the Ft. Wilderness Campground) or watching the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk from afar (like at the Beach Club), these spots are perfect for connecting.

Ft. Wilderness Campground provides a large beach for relaxing and playing along Bay Lake. It’s hard to believe that the Magic Kingdom exists just on the other side of those trees!

Bench It

Within the theme parks, it seems that bench seating is getting harder and harder to find, but there are still many romantic spots. For example, Cinderella’s Wishing Well (Magic Kingdom), inside of the gardens of the China pavilion (EPCOT), under the shadow of The Hollywood Tower Hotel (Hollywood Studios), or any bench with a view of the Tree of Life (Animal Kingdom).

Walt came up with the idea for Disneyland while sitting on a park bench watching his daughters ride the carousel. At Magic Kingdom, you can follow in Walt’s footsteps by doing the same!

So, whether it’s snuggling up close when the People Mover takes you into utter darkness or holding hands while strolling through World Showcase, you don’t need to be a prince or a princess to pull off a romantic moment. All it takes is finding the thing YOU like most about Walt Disney World and sharing it with someone you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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