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Security Check Tips For The Fast, Medium & Slow

Disney’s security check process can take a while, especially when you arrive right at a park’s opening time. Disney’s security officers are pretty efficient, but we guests sure know how to gum up the process.

There are three was to handle the security check process: fast, medium, and sloooooow.


If you want fast. Go bagless. Here’s how.

First, get a wearable phone case (like a Bandolier) or a waterproof phone pouch (which will also serve you well on Splash Mountain). If you don’t carry a wallet in your pocket, just stick an i.d., emergency credit card, and $20 cash in the case or pouch. 

Second, get a very thin drawstring backpack. Don’t put anything in it. Just fold it and stick it in your pocket.

Carry a water bottle in your hand and one person should also carry a container of sunscreen.

So far, traveling this way, I have not had to go through bag check. Although sometimes, I have to step through a metal detector.

Once though the bagless entrance, get out the empty drawstring bag and throw your water bottles and sunscreen inside. It’s that easy.


If you want medium speed. Be reasonable. Pack the essentials and have your stuff ready for inspection when it’s your turn.

Choose a security check line far from where the bus, boat or monorail dropped you off. Be aware that inspections are done from both sides of the security table. So, line your party up evenly on both sides, rather than standing one behind the other. If you arrive to find guests lined up only on one side of the table, you are well within your rights to start a line on the empty side. 

You can also have one person take all the bags through the bag check line, while the rest of the party goes through the bagless line.

Before it’s your turn for inspection have all bags ready. Unzip everything and open every pocket. If you have bags in bags, pull them out and have them ready, too. It speeds things up if the inside bags are contained in something clear (like a Ziploc), so officers can quickly see what’s inside.

If you have a stroller, make it easy for officers to see underneath and in any back pockets. 

Don’t forget to say thank you for making your magical stay a safe one!


If you need to bring everything AND the kitchen sink, that’s cool. You can do that. Disney doesn’t limit the number of bags (diaper, snack, extra clothes) you can bring. Disney also allows double strollers (but there is a size limit) and small coolers (but no loose or dry ice). 

Be aware, that wagons are no longer allowed. If you have a selfie stick, beer, or wine, it will be confiscated. And recently, a person with who had a bottle of lotion containing CBD oil, actually got arrested. So be super careful about what’s in your bag. (Click here for specifics on property rules.)

The key here is to give yourself some extra time. Don’t expect the crowds to part because you have a FastPass that expires in 10 minutes. Be Zen about the process and maybe even let the couple behind you with one tiny bag go ahead. You’ll start your day with some good Karma.

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