Wear The Pin

What is it about Disney that makes grownups do things we’d never do in the real world?

In the real world, I would NEVER wear a pin announcing it’s my birthday, and I certainly wouldn’t put my age on the darn thing.

But at Disney, acting like a seven-year-old and telling everyone it’s my birthday is totally normal. So normal, that Disney actually hands out thousands of free pins to anyone who wants to share a celebration with “The World”.  

Do you know about celebratory pins?

They are totally old school—big, metal, colorful, 3-inch round accessories with some Disney art. You can request a pin at any guest relations spot or at the concierge desk if you are staying at a Disney hotel. Cast members use a Sharpie to fill in whatever information you require. There’s a birthday pin, an anniversary pin, a first visit pin, and a fill-in-the-blank pin. (The last one’s the holy grail of pins because it’s basically permission to create whatever kind of celebration you want.)

If you’ve never tried wearing a pin, do it. You will not believe how much kindness and good will you will attract in a day.

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge last August, I couldn’t believe it when a cast member at the security gate saw my pin from yards away and started cheering “Happy Birthday” before we even stopped the car. Now that’s a greeting (and great eyesight).

And although you shouldn’t get a pin for this reason, it’s pretty common to get a special dessert or candle added to your dish if you’re wearing a birthday pin in a sit-down restaurant. 

All-and-all a celebration pin adds something to your day that just can’t be described until you try it.

Have you ever read the book, “Wonder”? Remember when the main character, Auggie, says, “I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”

Wearing the pin’s like that—a standing ovation. Try it.

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