Hilarious Merch

The Disney Company definitely has a quirky sense of humor when it comes to merchandise. Sometimes, we’re not even sure if it’s intentional.

Today, we look back at some of the 2018 souvenirs that really cracked us up (even if the prices made us cry). Enjoy!

Get your Playmobile Pub here. Yes, the box says “Pirate Stronghold” but we know better.
These Jack-Jack and raccoon boxing dolls literally made us LOL.
Not as funny when the wearers aren’t together. This one came in t-shirt form, too.
Doesn’t everyone cuddle up to salted Bavarian pretzels?
The mannequin does not do this provocative outfit justice.
Best t-shirt snark of the year.
Baby Groot is the 21st Century’s E.T.
Dessert should not be boring.
Just a light souvenir to carry around in your backpack after conquering Expedition Everest.
When the occasion calls for a hoodie-sweater-dress.

Merry Christmas and Thanks for Popping In!

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