Mouse Manners

Be A Good Sport

Dear Mouse Manners,

My kids get so upset when I laugh at all the corny Disney jokes.
They think that because I’ve heard most of them a dozen times,
I’m just laughing to be polite. I know that most of the lines
are scripted but isn’t it more fun to laugh and be part
of the “show”? I think attractions and shows are more
enjoyable when the audience is into it, and by laughing,
I feel like I’m helping to make that happen.

Signed, Sucker for the Dad Jokes

Dear Sucker,

How dare your children shame you for laughing. Especially after all the money… (oh wait, that’s from the meltdown at the gift shop speech).

Admittedly, Disney is the king of cornball lines and cringy stuff that makes older kids yearn for an invisibility cloak. But, laughing at the silly is what makes Disney, well, Disney. Disney needs more good sports like you. 

What better way to escape the stresses of the “real world” than by admitting that, “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow” is hilarious? You are making lots of people’s days with your laughter by bringing joy to those around you. Do you really think The Jungle Cruise would be “fun” without the banter? It would not. 

Also, Cast Members have to say these lines thousands of times, over and over. When you laugh at the puns or throw them something to improv with, you make them look good and their performance better. That benefits everyone!

Thirty years from now, when your kiddos are the ones footing the bills for Disney trips and the skipper introduces “the backside of water”, they’ll find themselves laughing too. Why? Because they’ll be remembering you and your ability to laugh like nobody’s watching.

So, in our humble opinion, taking part in the fun is what being an ideal Disney guest is all about. And while we’re on our soapbox, we’ll share some more ways you can be a good sport at Disney.

  • Wave! Cast Members are always waving hello and goodbye. See how many waves you can return in a day.
  • Volunteer! Never turn down a request to join in on the fun (Trust me, I turned down the opportunity to be on stage for Sounds Dangerous! and have regretted it for 25 years).
  • Applaud! Cheer! Hoot and Holler! At Disney, you’ll be treated to some top-notch entertainment. Let your appreciation show! Walt Disney World needs more standing ovations. I find myself applauding the Hall of Presidents and that show is performed by Audio-Animatronics (talk about mortifying your kids).
  • Always remember that no matter what you are doing at Disney, there is probably someone next to you who is at Walt Disney World for the first time. Smiles, laughs, and cheers make Disney experiences better for everyone. 

So, keep on laughing Sucker for the Dad Jokes, and when your kiddos want to pretend that they don’t know you, laugh even harder.


Mouse Manners

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