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Primo Eats: Wookie Cookie

The next time you’re in Hollywood Studios and find yourself craving a sweet snack, give the Wookie Cookie a try. Named in honor of everyone’s favorite walking carpet, Chewbacca, the Wookie Cookie is a big snack for a small price (only $5.99).

The dessert is two oatmeal cookies held together with vanilla cream filling and topped with a milk chocolate sash that looks just like Chewy’s bandolier.

The team described the Wookie Cookie as “a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie to the extreme.” Which means it’s bigger, fresher, and several notches better because of the milk chocolate addition.

As far as we know, the Wookie Cookie is only available at Backlot Express, next to the Star Tours attraction.

The view from Backlot Express – home of the Wookie Cookie!

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