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Photo Tour Of Galaxy’s Edge

We thought we could wait until after the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction opened, but recently we were in Central Florida, had some time to kill, and couldn’t NOT GO to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the newly opened land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We didn’t get to see and do it all. We were only there for 90 minutes. But we did get to pilot the Millennium Falcon and take a few photos.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is the main event in Galaxy’s Edge. We waited for about 50 minutes to pilot the infamous ship.
Being the pilot is a major responsibility. You will feel the hit if you make a wrong move.
Best photo op in the queue.
A full-scale X-Wing Starfighter.
A Rebel Alliance A-Wing Starfighter.
The shopping district has everything a rebel family needs – food, clothes, toys, pets, and blasters.
Ronto Roaster’s quick-service menu.
Highly overpriced at $6, but we got the unique Coke and Sprite bottles anyway.
The clothes are real. Some items are actually subtle enough that you could easily wear them on Earth.
Kiddo costumes. The helmet was pretty durable.
These posable toys were made out of wood.
Instruments for future Cantina performers.
The pet shop was a favorite.
Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities had loads of galactic artifacts.
The Audio-Animatronic inside of the Den of Antiquities.
“Ancient” artwork.
The perfect place if you need to replace a jammed blaster or scuffed Stromtrooper helmet.
Wookies visit Hollywood Studios too.
We found the natural plant life intriguing.
A corner that caught our interest.

Our afternoon at Galaxy’s Edge was well spent. Yes, we were sad that we missed the chance to eat at Oga’s Cantina, build a droid, or taste the blue milk. But that time will come. The opening of the second Galaxy’s Edge attraction is only one month away!

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