Virtually Visit Disney This Month

The Walt Disney World parks will be closed for 16 days, so what’s an uber Disney fan to do?

We’re listening to our favorite podcasts, drinking hot tea out of our favorite Disney mugs, and looking through old photos.

We also want to help our fellow Disney fans in need of a boost. That’s why were created our Monday newsletter. It “pops in” to your email inbox every Monday after lunch. The perfect remedy for the Monday Blues.

The MSPI Newsletter only takes a few minutes to read, we don’t want to take up a ton of your time. Just open, glance, and delete. We include little snippets of all the good news that’s happened at Disney in the past week, a quote that will either inspire or make you laugh, links to our latest blog and calendar, and a photo of the week.

Below are a slew of “POP IN” photos that have appeared in our newsletter over the past 15 months. We hope they will give you a brief escape from the realities of our nation’s current health crisis.

Enjoy, be kind to one another, and know that wishes for your good health and safety are in our hearts.

Before the Disney Skyliner was added, the waterway near the International Gateway at Epcot was a pretty Zen place.
This is a flashback photo from the old backstage tour at Hollywood Studios.
A view of Epcot’s Future World West.
These chandeliers at the Animal Kingdom Lodge remind us to always “look up” when you’re at Disney.
A batch of baby banshees waiting for adoption at The Rookery in the Animal Kingdom.
An up-close encounter with a giraffe at the Kilimanjaro Safari in the Animal Kingdom.
A little Disney humor on a shop window in Hollywood Studios.
The marble floor of The Grand Floridian.
Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival is a photographer’s paradise.
One of the many character statues in The Hub at the Magic Kingdom.
Why doesthe castle look so different? This is the view from the back, taken in Fantasyland.
The butterfly house at Epcot.
A piece of art made entirely of recycled materials. A temporary display at Epcot.
On a quiet morning, sit under this window on the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, U.S.A. and see if you can hear the voices coming from the open window.
Another look inside the butterfly house at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.
The Magic Kingdom’s Enchanted Tiki Room is located in Adventureland.
Spaceship Earth is the icon of Epcot. Soon a new entrance will take over this space.
One of the Blizzard Beach snow people who hasn’t melted yet!
The Imagineer-created world of Pandora – The World of Avatar in the Animal Kingdom.
Bay Lake Tower, part of the Contemporary Resort, is the closest hotel to the Magic Kingdom.
A carving of Thor in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.
The realistic themeing that is part of Epcot’s France pavilion.
An close encounter with the trunk of the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom.
A lobster roll built for two at the Yacht Club’s Ale and Compass Lounge.
The best part (or worst) part of Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.
Pass under the belly of an AT-AT at Hollywood Studios’ Star Tours adventure.
The pristine grounds of Epcot’s Canada pavilion.
This entrance to Tomorrowland is no more. Today’s signage is simple, sleek, and modern.
In Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land, everyone takes on the stature of a toy.
The geyser in action at the Wilderness Lodge Resort.
Many a wish has been made and granted at Cinderella’s fountain in the Magic Kingdom. If you stand just right, you can get a photo of Cinderella in her crown.
An August storm brews over top the Hollywood Tower of Terror.
Pirates of the Caribbean is a fan favorite in the Magic Kingdom’s Adeventureland.
The glasshouse balloon is a favorite souvenir purchase at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.
This toy knows where he belongs. In the gift shop at the end of the Toy Story Mania attraction in Hollywood Studios.
The Haunted Mansion is home to 999 ghosts, but there’s room for one more.
Chip greets guests at the Typhoon Lagoon water park.
A zoomed-in shot of the eagle carved into the trunk of The Tree of Life.
The mosaics inside Cinderella’s castle are breathtaking.
A good time to visit the Magic Kingdom is during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party.
On the Kilimanjaro Safari, the lion keeps watch (for once) while the lioness sleeps.
Did you know the green army men from Toy Story could also play drums?
Mickey turned 91-years old in 2020.
The Mary Blair tiles inside the Contemporary Resort are a must-see.
A lunch box tart from Woody’s Lunch Box. It looks like a Pop-Tart, but tastes 1,000 times better.
The balloons representing the earth and its four seasons dangle above the
Sunshine Seasons restaurant inside Epcot’s Land pavilion.
In the Animal Kingdom, Fichwa! Fellow means hidden Mickey.
Cinderella’s Castle after Elsa gives it an icy makeover during the holidays.
Of course, Gaston’s Tavern wouldn’t be complete without a giant statue of its namesake.
The entrance to Epcot’s Italy pavilion. You must pass through these columns if you wish to taste Via Napoli’s authentic pizza.
Cinderella’s wishing well is the proper place to toss your spare change at the Magic Kingdom.
The handpainted parasols for sale in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.
The knight who stands guard in Epcot’s Germany pavilion.
The Tree of Life on a sunny day.
T. Rex stands atop of Toy Story Land’s most popular ride, Slinky Dog Dash.
Around since opening day in 1971, the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade still entertains.
The graveyard at the Haunted Mansion preps guests for some of the haunts about to be seen inside.
This R2 unit stands outside the Droid Depot at Hollywood Studios’ newest land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
The Hall of Presidents is a Magic Kingdom tradition.
Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts takes place every winter.
Aboard the Liberty Bell, one can enjoy a different view of the Magic Kingdom.
The last stop on the “It’s a Small World” attraction in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

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