Disney Springs

2020 Christmas Tree Stroll

I don’t think there’s been a year I have craved the opportunity to see the Christmas trees at Disney Springs more.

Disney’s 2020 Christmas Tree Stroll runs from now until Dec. 30 at Disney Springs, the dining and shopping area of the resort open to the general public.

Make sure to pick up a Christmas Tree Stroll map. You don’t want to miss a single tree or any of the discounts vendors are offering this season! If you fill in all the stickers and show your map at a redemption location, you can also receive a small prize.

If you get a sticker sheet that includes Baloo the bear, don’t worry if you can’t find a Jungle Book Tree. There isn’t one. Use the bear to mark the Fantasia Tree instead.

Want to Take A Stroll Right Now?

If you are one of the many who won’t be able to take in the stroll this season, don’t despair. The Main Street Pop In Florida Team took some fabulous photos so that you can enjoy the decorations right now. Let’s Go!


The Mulan-themed tree wowed team members who saw it in person and via photos. The tree’s setting, its colors, and how it lit up at night, won over all of our hearts!

The water fountain in the background adds to the Mulan Tree’s beauty.
On the left, is the tree at dusk as the lights begin to twinkle. Top right, the tree is topped with a soaring kite, cherry blossoms, fans, and shades of red, gold, and pink. Bottom right, a lantern holding the character Mushu, from the animated film.

The Princess and the Frog

Tied for our favorite 2020 display is this royal purple and peacock-green tree themed to The Princess and the Frog. It was our most photographed tree of all. Every branch was packed with beads, flowers, bulbs, and nods to the film. At night, it got even better!

The Princess and the Frog tree by day (left) and by night (right).
Upper left, Princess Tiana. Lower left, iridescent peacock-green poinsettia flowers. Upper right, the New Orleans-inspired tree topper. Lower left, another lantern with a scene from the animated film.

The Lion King

Rafiki holding the Lion King has to be the best tree topper around! I can’t believe how much was packed onto this svelt tree. Not a traditional Christmas color to be found, and yet the feeling of this tree is pure Christmas.

The stage version of The Lion King comes to mind with this tree.
The natural elements used on the tree make it a true one-of-kind.

Disney Parks Tree

Simple, yet essential. How could there not be a tree that celebrates the parks at Walt Disney World? The best part is the Monorail track encircling the tree. I want one of those!

Next year, I want to see this tree back with specialty ornaments for each ride and attraction!
The Fab 4 Icons and the Monorail!

Haunted Mansion

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree with a beating heart? The Haunted Mansion tree wins the prize for originality. Constance Hatchaway, the ghostly bride, has left the attic and has perched herself front and center.

With Constance at Disney Springs, I guess the Haunted Mansion has room for two ghosts now.


Nov. 13 marked the 80th anniversary of Fantasia’s 1940 premiere in theaters. The animated film that combined Disney animation with a symphonic concert by Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra gave the world The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It is Mickey’s sorcerer hat that sits atop the Fantasia Tree.

Images from Fantasia fill this classic tree.


I had to see it to believe it, but this tree dedicated to Pluto is quite adorable.

Bowls, bones, and a dog house all adorn the Pluto tree.


The tree with the best “winter” feel is the Frozen tree. With the exception of the carrots shaped like Olaf’s nose, the display is pretty traditional with its snowflakes and ice skates.

A tree we’d expect to see in the town square of Arendelle.

Minnie & Mickey

I keep calling this the Minnie Tree, but actually, it’s a Mickey & Minnie Tree. Minnie’s dots are white, Mickey’s are gold–just like the buttons of his pants.

Mickey and Minnie share a birthday (Nov. 18, 1928) and a tree!

Main Tree

Disney Springs’s grandest tree stands right in Town Center. It is a classic.

Star Wars

During the day, the Star Wars tree was a little, “meh”, but at night its glowing lightsaber topper points to a galaxy far, far away.

Jawas seem to make adorable ornaments. At night, their eyes glow.

Toy Story Tree

With Toy Story being the juggernaut film franchise it is, we thought its namesake tree would be a little more “embellished.” But the colors are just right, and its tree topper is sweet.


Some extras that deserve a mention.

This arrangement on the ceiling isn’t a tree, but we thought it looked pretty cool. It just goes to show that you should never fail to “look up” at Disney.
This tree in the market place wasn’t an official stroll tree, but we thought it was adorable nonetheless.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this virtual Christmas Tree Stroll. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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